A Journey To Health and Half Marathon

Do you remember your first race? Your first half marathon? Your first full marathon? Even if you haven't run your first half marathon or full marathon YET, if you are a runner, you are probably a sucker for an inspirational story about.... running.  We have been thrilled to watch a transformation right before our eyes over the past year. 

One year ago this man stood at the finish line of a half marathon at nearly 280 lbs. He watched countless runners cross the finish line. Fast, slow, fat, thin, young, old and everything in between. He watched each runner claim a victory that he never thought he could have. Then he realized that he could become one of them. In one year, he changed his life.  Let him prove to you that anyBODY can do it.

This weekend, Anthony will run the Long Branch Half Marathon. There is no sob story behind this transformation. No extraordinary circumstance that he had to "break free" from. No lavish "fitness ranch" that he stayed in to get healthy. No expensive chef or personal trainer standing over him and making to make sure he did everything right. No extreme diet and no surgery. This is what makes his victory so extraordinary.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about him! I always need inspirational stories to keep me on track!

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