If You're Not The Fastest, Why Run If You Can't Win?

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A child asked me, "if you're never going to win, why run in a race?"

And I feel like that might be a really good question, but a better question is:

As a runner, when do you feel like you have won?

Here's my answer.

When I finally ran my first mile straight through, I won.

When I surprised myself with a finish time that was better than I expected at my very first 5k race, I won.

When I stopped running for fitness and weight loss, and started striving to stay fit so that I could keep running, I won.

When I started to enjoy watching others accomplish their own goals involving running, no matter how different their goals are from mine, I won.

When I met unique, intelligent, inspiring, uplifting people at races and group runs, I won.

And the best part of this type of winning, is that I can win over and over again. Every time it feels like the first time.

So if you think you're a slow runner, consider looking at all the other ways you've won since you started running.


Run For Dignity. Days for Girls Virtual Race

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After registering we will send you a custom numbered bib via email for you to print out and wear on the day you run your race. Obviously wearing the bib is not mandatory, but it's a fun way to take part in the run. Also, if you take a photo wearing your bib we will add it to our photo gallery. Actually, bib or no bib, if you want your race day pic in the gallery we will gladly add it.

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Instead Softcup Reviews | Soft Cup Testimonials |

Instead Softcup Reviews

The Instead Softcup Challenge was such a great opportunity for so many. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and we thank you for all of your Instead Softcup reviews. 

Again, a big thank you to all who participated in the Instead Softcup Challenge and a big thank you to Instead Softcup.


A Journey To Health and Half Marathon

Do you remember your first race? Your first half marathon? Your first full marathon? Even if you haven't run your first half marathon or full marathon YET, if you are a runner, you are probably a sucker for an inspirational story about.... running.  We have been thrilled to watch a transformation right before our eyes over the past year. 


On Building A Better Body

 Haven't you had enough? Go.  Get yourself back.

I wrote this for This Is A Woman.

On Building A Better Body

For as long as I can remember, the media has been selling a perspective to me.

The perspective the media sells says I'm flawed.  I need to look better.  I need to be thinner.  I need to hide my imperfections.  I need to pretend they don't exist.  I need to pretend I'm something else:  maybe taller, lighter, brighter, wealthier, more educated, more interesting.  I have to look they way they say I should look.  I have to wear what they are selling.  If I can't wear it, I have to try and change myself so that I can.

And if I buy what they are selling, I can't do all of this.  It's impossible.  So there have been times in my life when I have been trapped.
Have you ever been trapped by what they are selling?

How many shoulds do you have? 

I can't go to the beach because I don't look they way I should in my bathing suit. 
I don't want to go out because I should look better than I do right now. 
I will not graciously accept your compliment because I know what I should look like, and I don't believe you.
I can't enjoy the day until I have my makeup on, my hair just right, my clothes covering anything that isn't as small as it should be.
I won't be photographed because I don't like how I look, I believe I should look better than I do.

Don't mistake me.  I am not a helpless victim to what the media sells.  I chose to buy it.  There is no gun pointed at my head.  There is no one forcing me to believe what I see/read/hear.