anyBODY Runners

For all of those who wish, want, someday will, hope to, but "can't", let our featured anyBODY athletes prove you wrong.  These runners are no different from you, except for the fact that they are making it happen. (*insert obvious disclaimer about paraplegics, severely ill, severely disabled and the distinguishing difference between the literal definition of "can't and the common use of "can't"*)

I would be a rich and retired
 if I had a nickle for every time I heard "I wish I could run like that."  This statement comes in so many forms.
  • I tried running, but it's too difficult.
  • I wish I could just run around the block!
  • I'm too out of shape to run.
  • I'll never be fast enough to compete.
  • I get tired right away.
  • I'm too fat/slow/old/weak/etc...
If you think you *can't* please go grab your running shoes and read what our featured anyBODY athletes have to say, then lace up and get out there. anyBODY can do it!

If you would like to be a featured anyBODY Runner use this link to email us.