Lake Placid 6/12/11

Done! In 4:40:52. With no hill training! This course was full of rolling hills and ended with a very severe uphill climb that I managed to run (yes, all of it!) at the very end. Race support was amazing. My husband was everything through this experience- he was ever encouraging and loving and supportive. Lake Placid is absolutely beautiful. I'm grateful and elated that my body is blessed to have accomplished this. Aside from the absolute downpour during miles 20-24 (that's like errr... 40-something minutes...) the weather was perfect for my first 26.2. It started in the mid 50's and ended in the mid 60's. I was super cautious and careful through this run- from hydrating to walk breaks to walking nearly EVERY down hill to re-fueling- so I know that I know that I know that a 4:30 is within reasonable reach.

What was the most beautiful part of this run? I haven't quite decided. The scenery was breathtaking. The energy of the "fans" and other runners was so joyful and positive. The disabled runners were awe-inspiring. The infamous "Team In Training" and each dedication I read on different shirt backs was sweet. Seeing a blind runner being lead by a volunteer through the entire race was incredible. A young man with downs syndrome walked the half marathon with his parents and as he sang to the music on his ipod, my heart overflowed. Seeing my husband at the finish and running the loop at the speed skating oval while the announcer encouraged cheering and praise from the crowd just for me as I headed to the finish was a first marathon dream come true. (He even complimented my socks and told the crowd that this was my first marathon.) I will undoubtedly be back in Lake Placid, even with all those crazy hills.

I felt great afterward and honestly could've went to work the next day. I am eager to do another one.


  1. Congratulations! Awesome race and a nice recap!

    It sounded like you avoided "the wall", so let me ask you a question in hopes that I can do so as well next time...did you feel like you were holding back or going slow as you were running?

    Very, very nice work!

  2. Woohoo! Congratulations! You look AMAZING in your photo! Sounds like a fabulous experience for your first marathon. :-)

  3. Thanks to both of you! Brian, I plan to write more detail about the race in my next entry but basically, I took into consideration my limits (ie: no hill training) and strengths and ran because I love to run. I decided time was irrelevant. Honestly, had I known I was right on course to be under 4:45, I'd have pushed a little bit to get into the 4:30s. I was careful not to keep track of time. A marathon is no race- it's a journey alongside your own worst rival: the person within you that wants to stop. As long as you run WITH that rival (not letting them lead and not trying to pretend they're not there) I think the wall can be avoided. But I'm far from an expert. I've run as many as you have... this week... :)