Say Whaaaaat? Where Have We Been? (And our first VIRTUAL RACE!)

Jersey Shore, battered and broken, but still standing!
Did I really just let an entire month go by without a new entry?

That is just crazy.  I know you have all managed to continue to prosper and carry on without me, but really...   Totally inexcusable.  I hope I am still on your list of favorites.

Are you wondering if we are running? Well, we are.  Here's some photo evidence:

Hot Chocolate Race. I am only pretending to grab her butt.

Sparse boardwalk (from Sandy damage) means a 3 loop course.

Paved "trail" behind a local park. 
I don't have my 2013 race schedule etched in stone yet, and right now my spotlight has dimmed a bit since we are focused on my husband's (very first ever) marathon training.  Guess what happens when you go from ZERO running to marathon training in one year?

I bet you guessed it....

Injuries.  Not serious or fatal, but lots of strains and pulls and things that end in "itis."  He has endured (and recovered from) a groin pull, shin splints, top-of-foot pain, mild knee pain, and the latest: Achilles tendinitis.  For the record, only one of these has surfaced since the start of his marathon training.  All of the other ones invaded our lives somewhere between February 2012 and now.  We suspect that Achilles Tendinitis is a result of going back full-speed (well, maybe not full speed, but full regular mileage) into training after a 2 week battle with the flu.  He's resting, stretching, rolling, massaging, and all the other stuff that is supposed to happen.

In this past month I have missed my 20 mile a week goal more often than not.  I am not too concerned- the flu, the snow, way-too-cold for-15-miles-type-weather are things that are kind of out of my control.  I'll get back there.

During this long cold and particularly windy winter, I keep dreaming of Spring.  I know that in the Spring, I will long for Summer, but I'm trying to focus/obsess on one thing at a time.

I'm sure many of you agree with me when I say that Spring cannot come soon enough...  We have been working very hard on something that will help all of of us celebrate the very-soon-arrival of Spring.  Here is a sneak peek for you:

Our very first virtual race!  Custom medals and all!!!  Awesome price, your choice of distance, and lots of random prizes!  Spread the word and tell all of your friends to join us.  Proceeds will be donated to Jersey Rising, an organization that is helping families all over New Jersey and New York who are struggling to recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  Very soon, we will show you the medal and tell you which amazing companies are dropping prizes in your lap, simply because you register to run our Spring Celebration Virtual Race!

Spread the word!

And tell me how has your winter running been?  Still getting out there?  Or making fast friends with a treadmill?  If you are in a warmer climate, feel free to brag about it in fine detail.  We will live vicariously through your training.


  1. Hahaha... That last part cracks me up... "We live vicariously through your training." Ummm, you live through my training, literally!!! And I'm UBER thankful for that. I'm going to sign up for the virtual half. I hope I'm the first one to sign up!!!

  2. I can't wait to hear more about the "virtual race"!!!

  3. Well, I actually went out for my 1st outside run (besides that little detour in Florida called the Ragnar Relay) in exactly 2 months. It was about 45* and sunny. Feels like spring out there! the rest of my runs have been on the treadmill and, I hate to admit it, I loved it!

  4. Get the deets for the virtual and I'll add it to a group I belong to on FB and I'll write a post about it on the blog. :) Looks fun!