Gliding out with a... BANG? Bodyglide Giveaway!

Here's my favorite description of runner's chafing.  It comes from Greg at Just Don't Stop Running.  He wrote a blog post about a 20 miles on a treadmill (yeah, I know, who does that?!) and here is his take on chafing:

I have met the monster called Chafing, and it is a bitch.  Holy crap !!!  During any run I've always been really lucky in that once I get into my rhythm my pain threshhold goes way up.  Sometimes this is bad, as I don't realize I'm getting a killer blister until it's huge or formed and broken. Most of the time, it helps keep little nagging nuisance issues from slowing me down.   The only thing I was aware of during the run was muscle fatigue, and how soaked my socks and shorts were.  No pain, no discomfort, nothing.  I got off the treadmill after a cool down walk and became aware of some irritation on my upper thigh.  No biggie..it wasn't even red, it just stung a little.  I chatted a little, went home and got in the shower for a nice relaxing rinse off of the run.  I've never actually been on fire before, but that's the best way to describe the sensation when I stepped got in the shower.  The water stung my chest, stomach, thighs, nipples, and manly parts in such a way that I wasn't sure if I could complete the shower.  It was BRUTAL !!!  Today everything seems to be ok except between my thighs, and the nipples are still a little tender.   I don't know how to address this issue except to use a little body glide, and switch around some of the clothes I wear...but man oh man.  So...my final words of wisdom for today are:  BEWARE THE CHAFE !!

I hope this doesn't happen to you.  If you are running regularly and in all temperatures, Bodyglide ought to be  totally non-negotiable.  If you don't have it, go get it now, unless you want to be like Greg.

And I would like to add that Bodyglide is not just for athletes.  This stuff is great when you're wearing uncomfortable blister-maker hot and sexy shoes.  It's helpful in "chub rub" situations.  It does not stain your clothes and it's not greasy at all.

Oh, what's that?  You don't know where to get it?  Or you have the regular Bodyglide, but you've always wanted to try the Bodyglide Anti-pain WarmFX or the Bodyglide Skinglide?

Lucky you, because there's a chance that you can win it right here!  We have three different kinds:

My husband's current favorite.

This is better for sharing than the other BodyGlide products.
Think about it.  

And all you have to do is tell me what you can't run without.  Anything: a ritual, a song, a specific sports drink or fuel, a friend, prayer, situation, you get the point.  What ONE thing MAKES or BREAKS your run?  Ok, ok, you can list more than one thing.  Winners will be chosen at random, but we occasionally give a tad bit of preference to creative/interesting responses.  Oh, and you must be a blog follower.  Either here on blogger or on our facebook page.  Oh and one more thing, go and like the Bodyglide Facebook page and tell them that we sent you and say something like running is awesome, or how without them you'd be a bloody mess, or how you don't want to be like Greg.  Winner is announced in a week!


  1. The one thing I always want to have with me is my heart monitor. I use it to pace my long runs and like to compare results on my favorite runs to check my fitness. It's also a great way to ensure I'm not overtraining.

  2. I can't run without a hat or visor! It's a very rare occasion where I don't have one on. It helps keep the sweat put of my eyes and my crazy hair tamed.

  3. I can't run without water!!! As simple as it is, I can't even make it a mile without it. Mentally and physically can't survive! ;-)

  4. I used to say I couldn't run without music...but oddly enough my last two trail runs were music-less! Crazy!

  5. After reading the other comments, I now feel like quite the princess!! So, I guess I will add a new tiara to my "must run with" list. LOL.
    I must, must, must run with either the Fiona or Rebound Racer sports bra. There is no other option for me and the girls.
    I must, must, must have some sort of tights on between the waist and knees. Length beyond that is negotiable but there needs to be no skin on skin action in that neighborhood.
    And finally, I absolutely need to BodyGlide the $*** out of my... well... body! It's like Frank's Red Hot sauce and "I put that s*** on everything!"

  6. No rituals, no must haves! I just need to run! But, I do "glide" before all my double digits!

  7. The only thing I can truly think of is...my bra!! I can go without just about anything else but I most definitely need that running bra :)

  8. I agree that my running bra and shoes are the main thing. I have tried to run with regular bra/shoes and...nope. Other than that? Lately I have not been able to run without the Run!Zombies game on my iPod! I was once EXHAUSTED from a run and saw I had a small hill to climb. I just sighed and started walking...then the game told me there was a horde of zombies!! I ran up the hill and didn't stop until I escaped the horde. That's when I smacked my head b/c I had just run away from an imaginary horde of zombies. Still...it's motivation!

  9. i NEVER run without bodyglde (can you say boob chafe!!!). Did my first two half maras sans the stuff and the first time, no big whoop. The second? Oh there was blood. Gore! and scabbing. super hot. NOT. Oh and burning. Did i mention burning?? I also like to have my water bottle avec moi. And...if its a long run, a small packet of tissues comes along...for emergency bush pit stops. haha. That is probly why i have a water belt so the TP can fit in. :-)