My Last Race and YOUR Last Chance to Race (anywhere) For Free!

I haven't tallied up my races this year and I don't keep track of my miles.  My husband ran just close to 600 miles this year (not bad for a noob) so I will assume that my total is roughly... double or triple?  I have no idea.

This is my third consecutive year of running the Polar Bear 5 mile in Asbury Park NJ.  In the past 3 years it has only been a true 5 mile race once.

Polar Bear 5 mile turned 5k in 2010.  Guess why?

Polar Bear 2011- 5 miles followed by quick dip in the
Ocean on New Year's Eve!

This year, because Hurricane (understatement of the century) Sandy wiped out most of the boardwalks, the Polar Bear 5 mile was once again turned into a 5k because of repairs and construction.  (or something)  I have to admit, my kid and I were relieved that the distance was shortened.  I had just run 8 miles the day before and 12 miles two days before that.  I knew I wasn't racing this race.  I was just in it for the fun and tradition it has become for us.  Oh, and I thought my kid was going to jump in the ocean like last year:

Last year it was 55 degrees and tolerable. 

With 30 mph wind gusts while sand relentlessly pelted you in the face, oh and the windchill factor bringing the temps into the 20's, let's just say we, without reluctance, decided to skip the plunge this year.  At one point in this race, I stopped to see if the wind would support me if I leaned against it.  It did!  This was not your everyday 5k.  The boy and I finished in just over 30 minutes!  (We are usually faster than this.)

4 loop 5k on the ROAD thanks to
Hurricane Sandy.

2012 has been great to me as far as my love for running.  My husband ran his first "real" race in April and since then has finished 4 half marathons and about 16 races total.  I have a new marathon personal best, and will run my first 50k next weekend.  The fact that my fifteen year old son was even willing to run 5 miles with me in the freezing cold and wind is a gift that I will not take for granted. And speaking of running and races and goodness, one of my main sponsors, Instead Softcup, is giving bloggers one last chance to run a race for free!

As you know, we launched the Instead Softcup Challenge in April of this year.

It was supposed to end on Dec 31st 2012. But if you register TODAY (now!) you can still write a review and have them pay your next race registration, as long as you write your review by June 1st 2013.  If you already signed up but have not written your review yet, you now have til June 1st to write it and get reimbursed for a race of your choice!  If you don't know what Instead Softcup is, take a minute to read a few of many awesome reviews that were submitted by our Instead Softcup Challenge Participants:

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Don't miss out!  Sign up by filling out this contact form.  Be sure to include your blog URL and your address.  Free samples will be mailed for you to review!  You MUST sign up before New Years Day!  Do it now! You have nothing to lose!


  1. I loved participating in the Challenge and writing my review. Thank you again! And I also love that your 15-year-old ran with you... how sweet. I am hoping that my kids will continue to love running (and running with me!) as they get older. :) Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I am glad you got in on the challenge! Everyone should run a race for free!

  2. I loved participating in this challenge as well! Thanks for the opportunity! And good luck with that 50k next weekend! WOW!!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks Mindy! I am comfortably sitting around "tapering" today!