Race Day Ready #5 for the ladies- Handful Sports Bra and many many more!

Anyone else been on the quest for the perfect sports bra?  Have you gotten to the point where money is (almost) no object because all you want is a sports bra that fits and functions properly and you don't care how much it costs?

Well, me too.

I am pretty sure I have at least fifteen different sports bras- no actually closer to twenty.  Almost every brand you can imagine.  I am glad to say that I have found ONE that is just right.

This is the perfect bra.
I was incredibly tempted to edit this photo.  But I won't. 
Handful sent me a bra to try.  I was very skeptical.  I am more about comfort, fit and function than I am about fashion when it comes to my running gear.  Many reviews boasted more about how great this bra looks, rather than how great it was to wear during a long sweaty run.  And lets face it, after a marathon, one can only look so uhm... great.  When I'm running, the only aesthetic issues (which equally double as comfort issues) I am concerned with are:

Do I have a wedgie?
Are my shorts riding up?
Is my bra TIGHT enough so that nothing is moving around, but not so tight that I look like I struggled to squeeze into it?

Yay.  I can adjust the straps.
Most sports bra straps are too long on me.
From my perspective, this bra is PERFECT for women who are not impressively endowed in the upper torso area.  (OK, you know what I mean- smaller boobs) It has removable inserts that actually provide more support while giving you a little extra... definition WITHOUT totally exaggerating the truth of what you have up there.  (I am not a fan of false advertising.)  The Handful website sums it up best: "Flatter, NOT flatten."

What I love most about my Handful Adjustable Bra is that it dries faster than any other bra that I own.  I find that all my other bras stay soaked with sweat for so much longer.  I don't know how this happens, but I noticed it first after a few long runs at the end of the summer.  I appreciated not having to walk around with a dry shirt and wet bra at the Runner's World Running Festival Expo this past weekend.  The fabric components are simple- nylon and spandex- and perhaps that is why.

Handful is also an approved mastectomy bra.  There is a variety of colors to choose from.  They have other awesome products on their site.  Make sure you go and take a look!

So here's the question:

Do you want one?

One lucky winner is going to get one.  And in the spirit of Trick-Or-Treating and getting lots of good loot (a little early) and because I'm SO excited that the Marine Corps Marathon is only a few days away (and my impulsive generosity is often triggered when I'm excited) our lucky winner will also get these:

The mother of all callous erasers.

This has become one of my favorite personal maintenance things. Once all my toenails are back (almost there) I will have nice looking feet again.  With Micro Pedi, they have been feeling good (as in not calloused or cracked or any other... yuck...) even though I am short one toenail.

This should be essential to your running repertoire.  If you are just starting to run and don't feel you need Bodyglide right now, I promise you will when you start running longer distances or increasing your weekly mileage.  That is, of course, unless you enjoy the feeling of being on fire.


My pStyle can go long.  Is that too vulgar?
You might think pStyle is weird or inappropriate, but once you have one, you will realize how useful it is.  Trails.  Camping.  GROSS public bathrooms.(like gas station, train station, portajohn)  If you have daughters that have not mastered the art of hovering, this thing should be in your purse... Oh it's also great for writing your name in the snow, at last.  If you are curious about pStyle, here is a link to my first giveaway/review of the product.

Headsweats Velocity Visor

We can't say enough about Headsweats.  Our team has tried many different hats/visors, and we don't want anything but Headsweats anymore.  For real.  (FYI: if you want to buy something from their site, use code "pacepermile" and save 25% when you check out!)

Instead Softcup (box of 24)

I don't use anything else but this product during my special time of the month.  I won't go on and on about it, but here is your chance to try it, no strings attached. (HA pun intended!)  If you are a blogger who is new to my site, and you don't know about my Instead Softcup Challenge, watch/read/sign up.  It's a total win-win situation.  Softcup has allowed me to run period-carefree.  I did do a dance of joy when I realized that I would not have to worry about my period during the Runner's World Hat Trick (review coming soon) OR The Marine Corps Marathon.  I did sport my Softcup Visor during the Runner's World 5k this weekend since it matched my Altra Running Shoes!

I'm not sure what I'm doing in this photo.
It's early... And I have 3 races ahead of me!
Let's get a move on. I would like to cram one more giveaway into my Race Day Ready series right before or shortly after the Marine Corps Marathon. Right now, the weather predicts rain.  BRING IT!  (Ok, really, don't. I don't want rain, I am just trying to be a bad ass and act like I am totally down for 26.2 while soaking wet. I'm not. So that last statement was not literal.) If you want to win this heaping pile of For The Love Of The Run awesomeness, give me a motivational quote/thought/word/idea/poem/haiku/visual/anything that I can call upon during my marathon. AND please share this link on facebook or twitter if you are on either one for bonus points. (And if you are not following me on facebook, uhm.. what's up with that?)  Do not feel threatened, there MAY be more than one winner for some of these items! For the Marine Corps Marathon, I have two main goals:

1. A new PR.  I plan to actually RACE this race. Not just conquer the distance. This is my fifth marathon.  My best so far is 4:35 right here at home at the NJ Marathon.

2. Get my fast, tall, lean, fit friend Eros to finish ahead of me.  He really really should.  I will share your motivational words/ideas with him.  It's his 2nd marathon.

Eros and I minutes after finishing the
NJ Marathon. Feeling so alive and dead
all at the same time.
Get to it!  Time is a ticking.  I hope to see many of you this weekend!


  1. two of my favorite motivational sayings..

    "Never underestimate the strength of a woman. Never f*&% with on who runs 26.2 miles for fun."

    "Sometimes... you just have to pull up your big girl panties and do it whether you want to or not."

    This past weekend I PR'd (by 7 minutes!!) at a half marathon by thinking/praying for ppl that I love at every mile. At mile 12, the mile that I set aside for my cousin, who was turning 12 that day, I imagined her running next to me. She got me up that hill.

    I hope you have a fabulous race! No matter the outcome, you are doing something that few people ever attempt. Thank you for sharing your running life with us. Good Luck!

    1. Well said, Lauren, and congratulations on your new PR.

  2. I really love the mantra, "Do it for those who can't." It can pertain to running or working out or working hard at your job... There are people who can't even walk and would love the chance. There are people who would love to find a job and haven't... I thankfully didn't need to call on my mantra during my half marathon, but there have been some really tough training runs that I've needed it!

    I follow you here and on FB!

  3. Oh, and I sent you the info to be a SoftCup blogger after getting your e-mail and I haven't heard anything back yet. Will I receive something from the company?

  4. When all else fails, I count my steps, "one two three four five six seven eight." repeat. It'll put you in a trance and before you know it, you're done! But for true motivation-I tell myself, "I am so awesome. I got this" :-)

    And you've got this too! You'll crush that PR. And if not, it's better to have a bad run than to not run at all!

  5. Here's my contribution:

    A thought to remember...thousands of military men in all services, Filipino & American, died during the 80 mile Bataan Death March...26.2 won't kill you but can/will serve as a simple remembrance of their valor. (Apropos since this is a military themed race...)

    You should think about coming to New Mexico and doing the Bataan Memorial Death March in the future. I'll be doing in next year.

    BTW, did you ever join FilAmTri? I did and got the singlet & a full color sticker...thinking about ordering the shirt eventually (prices went up by $2 on everything it looks like).

    Have a great run this weekend! :)

  6. I love the quote "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." It definitely helps me out during races!

  7. Whoever wins this giveaway will be incredibly blessed. There are so many little things that can help make running better but the cost can really add up.

    Here's a quote you can think on from William Faulkner: "Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself."

    Go get 'em! I'm a new reader/follower, but I'm already in love with your site, particularly the anyBODY runners. So cool!

  8. I shared on FB and Twitter! As for motivational, I've always liked: "Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming things you once thought you couldn't."

    I also like to chant "I am doing this for (fill in the blank)" Though it may sound selfish, I often fill that blank in with 'me', though sometimes I think of someone or something else that motivates me. "I'm doing this for the LUSH bath bomb/nap/friend's name/a full day of reading on the couch without guilt/etc"

    Good luck on your next marathon! You're going to do great!!

  9. this is a great giveaway! thank you!!!
    Good luck for the race!!!

    I tell myself "you are HERE now, do the best you can NOW" and also "Dont panic, Dont puke" that is on my road ID... :)

  10. The things on the giveaway I've tried - I'd love and the things I haven't look great!!! You have great giveaways :)

  11. If you and your friend run together, this is a good one: If you want to go fast, go alone....If you want to go far, go together.

    If it rains, here's a good one: If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain.

    Another quote that gets me through long runs: Heroes don't always get the medals. Sometimes they don't even run the race.

    Good luck this weekend! And no need to put me in this contest, I will save my "entry" for your next shoe giveaway. :) If there will be another(I hope there will be!)

  12. Easy does it. You are strong and fierce. Here are two quotes from John Bingham to help you through the MCM: "As an athlete, when you least expect it, you may find yourself standing on the threshold of an accomplishment so monumental that it strikes fear into your soul. You must stand ready, at any moment, to face the unknown. You must be ready to walk boldly thru the wall of uncertainty."

    "Believe that you can run farther or faster. Believe that you're young enough, old enough, strong enough, and so on to accomplish everything you want to do. Don't let worn-out beliefs stop you from moving beyond yourself."

    At one of the races, they called the cup the DIVA CUP, but it looked more like a condom than anything.
    Christine Nguyen
    PS Nikki really needs another pair of shoes. ;)

  13. Run because you can.
    What a gift we've been given;
    Bodies that can move.

    It feels like a sin
    to deprive ourselves of flight
    when so many can't.

    When you want to quit
    recall those without options.
    Run because you can.

    (Thanks for the haiku challenge! Good luck at MCM! I'm excited to see your post-PR post. P.S. Shared your post on FB & twitter.)

  14. My big inspiration/motivation is move while you can and love it because you probably have a great sense of how quickly our health can be snatched from us. Do it because you can!

  15. Whoops, forgot to post motivation: Breath moves in my lungs, blood flows, and I feel alive all day long!

  16. Silly as it is, when I'm at my races I really do tell myself "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"
    Dory knows what she's talking about.

  17. Ever since I got involved with the Spartan community, when trying to push through a tough spot of anything - yoga, a run, an obstacle, an obnoxious client or a whiny kid - I repeat to myself - I am a Spartan chick. I can totally do this.

    Good luck!

  18. "The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat!" I'm always saying to unleash the beast. Run it, girl!!!

  19. During my first marathon my mantra was "you are stronger than you think" during my last marathon, my mantra was "there is no wall, crash through the wall, it does not exist"

    Best of luck!!

    I follow you on twitter, but now also on FB! woot!

    You should follow me on FB too - www.facebook.com/cavegirlontherun

  20. Another mantra you can use is:"beer, donuts, pizza." LOL But for true inspiration, I always like the timeless: "I think I can, I think I can..."

  21. On a particularly tough run/race, I tell myself, "Race the pain to the finish line -- you can beat it!" :)

    I also like to think that it's not "You can do it!" but "You ARE DOING it!" You are awesome for being out there, for having the courage to challenge yourself.

    Good luck with the marathon!

  22. Quote: Why do I run? Why do I breathe? (Tattoo on a runner's calf) :)

    Also, tweeted: https://twitter.com/jovansjourney/status/261968931118534656

  23. I wish we could have met at Runners World;( I was there with Runners World bloggers. Have fun at MCM;)
    And from the amazing Matt Long... Just repeat "I will" and you will inspire yourself, because in that moment only you can allow yourself to push to the finish!
    Good luck and rock your race!

  24. If I could recommend a revival in motivation it would be to read the book "The Athlete's Way" -Christopher Bergland. I read it while training for my first marathon and it got me going most days and challenging myself. Great book!

    Good luck on the PR! I'll pray the storm holds out until AFTER!

  25. Go the extra mile...it's never crowded.

  26. I don't think one can post pictures in comments, but here - this is my fave motivational saying

  27. My motivation is this saying:
    No matter how slow I go I'm still lapping everybody sitting on the couch.

  28. Just try. Short and sweet, that's what I say to myself during a long hard effort. Just try. That or "FILDI" (f*** it let's do it)

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