Altra Running WINNNER! Race Day Ready #4

Crossing the finish of the Runner's World Half Marathon in Bethlehem PA
in Altra Intuition 1.5.  I finished the 10k and the half alongside my husband.
(you can see my bright pink Armpocket too!)
Instead of taking until tomorrow or the next day to post this for fear of not having enough time to write a cute kitchy entry about the winner, I am just going to spit it out.  Mainly because I need to get on with the next giveaway and I'm experiencing a bit of a writer's block.  Oh and I'm flooded with work.  (In a good way!)

You got it!  Congrats to you on your new pair of Altra Zero Drop Footwear!  May they take you across many more finish lines!  And thank you for sharing with us that you quit a bad habit (smoking) and picked up a good one!  You are a great example to many.  Keep at it for the love of the run!  I hope you continue to discover the healing that running provides- not only because it's good for you (physically) but because it brings you to a beautiful place where you learn to rely on your own heart, brain, breath, will, strength and spirit.  Please find my e-mail in the "about" tab and contact me.  I will connect you with the folks at Altra and they will get your size, address, etc. and send your shoes out to you!

A hint about our next giveaway:  It's for ladies only!  I'm going to gather up all my ladies only giveaway stuff and pile it into one generous giveaway.  This is a good one!  Coming up soon!  Oh, and our Runner's World Running Festival Race Review to follow that!  (My husband may chime in.  This was one of the best weekends of running we have had so far!)


  1. Yay for her! I got my arm pocket today by the way! Can't wait to check it out!!!

    1. Yay! Glad they sent it out so fast! I hope you like it!

  2. Congrats Jessica! I got so excited when I first glanced at the name, dangit! Guess I'll have to buy my own. :) Thanks for introducing me to them. they look great!