Race Day Ready Giveaway #6- Handana!

November has been a strange month.  It feels almost non-existent.  It has flown by with impressive speed.  That is particularly odd to me because time usually goes quickly only when you are dearly trying to preserve it.  This month has been a mad rush of trying to get back to regular routines.

Here on the NJ Shore we are balancing getting back to reality, helping one another, and providing comfort and consistency to a place that was shaken by a hurricane.  Just when you trick your mind into believing things are getting back to normal, all it takes is a little walk down the street, a facebook post calling for volunteers or donations, or a news article showing unimaginable damage that is so beyond repair that it looks as though the only solution is a giant bulldozer.  It's going to be all right.  We have to believe that, and we do.

As far as running goes, for us, this should be dubbed a good month:

1.I have a new half marathon PR

Rounding the bases at the Trenton Half Marathon finish line.
Look at my hands.  Weird...

2.My husband ran his 4th half marathon and qualified to join Half Fanatics. Oh and he has a new PR too!

Mile 11-ish of  the Movie Madness Half Marathon in York Pa.
I am not "officially" running, but I am not banditing, either...

3. We have found an appreciation for the local park trails- our go-to spot, the boardwalk, is gone.

My youngest son as our bikelead at a local park.
We are trying to get used to 3 mile loops!

4. We also ran the Navesink Challenge 15k- a race I have DREADED since the last time I ran it in 2010, but now totally love! (Race report soon!)

Cold morning before some pretty intense hills!

I am STILL behind on giveaways- as a friend pointed out- this can be seen as a good thing!  To have a lot to give away is surely something one cannot complain about.  I meant to launch this one right after the Marine Corps Marathon!  It has become one of my favorite pieces of running gear.

Meet the Handana:
My handana and I with a... what is this guy supposed to be?

Ok, I know. You're distracted by the guy with the blue wig.  I understand.  Here's a less distracting photo:

A nice neat snot rag that you can't drop!

Some of you "get" this thing immediately.  Some of you are wondering what the heck it's for.  Well, the next time you go out and run, try and take note of how many times you wipe your brow or your face or your running nose.  Take note of what you do with the sweat or snot on that hand.  I bet you never put conscious thought into it.  You probably never noticed how many times you inadvertently wipe your sweaty or snotty hand somewhere else on your body.

Some of you are probably still in denial thinking this is beneath you.  That you are not that kind of a slob.  Ha.

Without my handana, these fall and wintry days of running would make the cuffs of my long sleeve zip up full of sweat and whatever seems to occasionally drip from my nose.  (Know what I mean?  That's not quite snot- what is it???)  This cute yet essential accessory is made of a super absorbent material that dries very very quickly.

Handana comes in different sizes, which makes sense.  And it comes in a bunch of different colors.  They're not just for girls.  I think they look rather studly on man hands.  I am left handed so I wear it on my right hand, and have not had any trouble with the fit.  Lookie.  Mine even matches my socks.

I did not plan this.  

If you want to win one, go to Handana's facebook page and LIKE them and let them know that For The Love Of The Run sent ya.  Then share a link to your must-have running gear in the comments below.  You can share ANYTHING!  Shoes, clothing, gadgets, food or drink, accessories- anything you think we runners should not be living without!  Hey, if it's the season of giving, let's give each other some gift ideas!
*edited to add: If it's easier, post a link on our facebook page under the post about this giveaway.  Blogger makes it difficult to post links in the comment section. *


  1. I always carry a cloth with me for snot and sweat purposes! Count me in!

  2. I gotta just put the generic link to Garmin because apparently mine is no longer sold. LOL! Best running Christmas gift ever! It's what allowed to start running longer distances. http://www.swimoutlet.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2260&Click=1875087&utm_source=Bin%2FYahoo&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Paid%2Bparam2s

  3. Do you chafe? Cuts and scars from sports bras? If so, then you NEED... Dove deodorant. It's that simple. Rub that glorious stuff over your trouble spots and run chafe free!

  4. Oh I did a recent post on my blog about this so I could give you TEN things ( http://nakedonsharppointystuff.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-favorite-things-for-running.html ) but if I had to pick my favorite it would be the buff. I wear it around my waist and put my phone in it. It keeps stuff really close to my body so it doesn't jiggle or wiggle. Its perfect for things like goo or tissues, salt pills, keys, etc...

    BTW - my thoughts are with you and your family. It must be horrible to see everything you know and love and that's familiar to you destroyed, damaged or ruined. I can't even begin to imagine. HUGS. :)

  5. A simple cap. This happens to be mine: https://www.rammsteinshop.us/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=102_101&products_id=304. I am not a hat-wearer, but I grabbed it on my way out the door to an OCR at my husband's urging. The sky decided to pour buckets while we were out on the course. This concert souvenir kept the rain out of my face, the barbed wire out of my hair, and the mud from other people's shoes out of my eyes. Now it is a staple in my gear bag.

  6. I love my twete bird (http://twetebird.com) headbands. They have a huge selection, stay in place like nobody's business, cute enough to wear outside of running, and they're adjustable so I can share with my daughters.

    I hope you all find a happy normal soon. You are all so strong!

  7. I SUCK down water during my runs. My water bottle comes with me on EVERY run, no matter how short.

  8. Love my shoes :)

  9. I am totally that kind of slob! A handana is a fantastic solution! My two current favorites for running are my Fuelbelt hand held water bottle and my Ironman yurbuds. I'll leave links on your Facebook page.

  10. You guys are helping me create a runner wish list!