Race Day Ready #5 winner!!! (all kinds of awesome stuff!)

Sorry to make you all wait so long.

Everything is progressing forward here.  Beaches and boards and marinas and businesses and homes are getting cleaned up.  There are mountains of "remains" (wood, roofing, personal items, furniture, and who knows what else) as high as my roof in some areas.  We did not lose power during the second storm (Athena) but my sons' father did.  We hope he'll have electricity before the weekend is over.

To make this short and sweet, our winner is:

Jogging Jawa

The image is appropriate for those of us trying to find our center while dealing with the destruction that surrounds us from this damn hurricane.

And we will also award a coupla things to:

Natalie Torres
Frickin' Fabulous at 40.

Words are and visualizations are all the more needed now that I run without the distraction of music. Thank you for fueling me with encouragement! Ladies, find my e-mail address by clicking on the "about" tab up there in the menu bar. Send me your address!

Race reports and the next giveaways are coming soon!