Armpocket Winner! (Race Day Ready #3)

Why yes, I am using this entry as a justifiable
reason to post a funny photo of myself.
But I'm wearing the Armpocket, see?


Here's the ONE time I'm going to be a bit partial. This winner has been following my blog for a long time, and I have been following hers.  I LOVE that she is so genuine and real in her posts.  As far as runner blogs go, I enjoy reading about someone's journey/aspiration to a new goal or distance.

Michelle's blog was centered around her marathon training (based on the title) but of course, that's not the ONLY thing she wrote about. Michelle lets me glimpse into her life and her children and her passion for cooking.  Now that she has her first marathon behind her, she changed the name of her blog and continues to inspire me.  Take a look and follow her blog along with me!

So Michelle, you are the winner of the Armpocket!  Find my e-mail address in the "about" tab and I will give you details on how to redeem your prize!

For those that did not win, don't be bummed.  I have another giveaway coming.  I'm hoping I can squeeze them all in before the Marine Corps Marathon.  Don't forget to check out Armpocket at booth/space 810 at the Expo if you are running the Marine Corps Marathon too!

This weekend, I am running the Runner's World Festival and Half "Hat Trick" with my husband.  I am hoping to pace him to his half marathon PR.  I have to enjoy this while I can- I suspect that by this time next year I won't be able to keep up with him!  Here's a hint about my next giveaway: do you know who is sponsoring the Runner's World Festival and Half?  Take a look at my shoes..


  1. Ooooooooooo..... Altras... Mama wants some of those....

  2. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am stoked! Thanks for linking my blog! xoxo

  3. Enjoy the Runners World half!!!! & those shoes are SWEEET!!!!!

  4. Congrats Michelle! Those shoes look awwwwesome!

  5. I have to catch up on your blog so I find out about your husband's running journey!