It's All About (VIBRAM) Soles....

In addition to adding an "AnyBODY Runner" section to this blog where we will share inspiring (or grueling) stories about runners of all shapes/sizes/backgrounds/abilities we are going to add a section that is specifically dedicated to shoe reviews.

When I came home yesterday (after a lovely dinner at a new found Thai joint) and saw a BIG BOX sitting on my antique bench on the front porch, I literally jumped up and down and shrieked with excitement.

We opened the box and to our delight we now have SIX new pairs of Merrell Barefoot Shoes. So now we have nine pairs of Merrell Barefoot shoes between the two of us with which to gallivant about.

Wow. Right?

Our soles on the floor...

We will be sharing reviews on these shoes as well as our perspectives on barefoot running and barefoot shoe-ing in general very soon. In the meantime, take a look at the Merrell Barefoot website and let me know which shoes you like the best! We will have a Merrell Barefoot giveaway soon!!!


  1. Haven't used any but the Merrell Pace Glove which I ADORE!

  2. I have been running in minimal shoes for just about a year, and I'll never go back. I have a pair of Vibrams and a pair of New Balance. I think the Delight and the Wonder look fun...just to have a pair to wear all day at work!

  3. I'm so jealous! Lol, last week I was at my LRS attempting to buy some Merrell's (huge recommendation from a friend) they didn't have my size (9.5) in a single pair! They checked the pace glove, dash, and bare access arc but none in my size. I had to try smaller & larger; like the feel but you just can't tell if it's not your size. :-( I'm looking forward to reading your reviews on these. I fell in love with the weight & flexibility.I'm itching to try them.