Getting there!

Hard consistent, focused, determined work pays off. This is not hard.

Losing about a pound a week is not starvation or exhaustion. It is as simple as staying committed to a minimum average of 40 minutes of cardio a day (5 days/week though I do shoot for 6 and usually accomplish 6) and sticking to healthy food choices all week. Yes I have had a few cookies and a glass of wine or two. I even had a cheese steak last weekend. But before I had any of these things, I made sure that I REALLY REALLY wanted them and I was willing to add to my exercise regimen in order to compensate for them. Today I had two tamales (one for breakfast and one for lunch) and they were totally worth the extra time I will spend sweating their caloric totals off.

I am now at 129.5 lbs.

New goal is to reach 125 lbs by the beginning of March. Bring it!

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