Last Race of 2011

Polar Bear 5 mile with my son and four of our close friends took place today (New Year's Eve) at 1pm. My husband and youngest son and a few other friends (of mine and the kids') photographed and cheered us on. Of the six of us, three took the plunge.

This is me between my favorite seventeen year old half marathoner and my oldest son. It was 55 degrees so the dip in the ocean wasn't too bad today. I hope to add this race to the list of family tradition races that my sons and I have.

My son was anxious to get in the water. Now that he can overpower me with ease he threw me back in the water just as I was almost back on the shore!!!

This is my youngest boy conquering sand dunes on our walk home from the race.

My investment in the all the race registration costs (and boy does it add up) for my children is actually an investment in memories, personal accomplishments, health and confidence. These are things that go beyond monetary value. When I am old, annoying, boring and eventually gone, I hope that they remember days like this- days when we truly lived and celebrated the blessing of life. And I hope that if nothing else, they truly live and love and show their children that life can be richer when you add priceless experiences like this. Happy New Year!!!

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  1. I just love what you wrote about the fees being an investment into memories. I feel the exact same way. No race today for me, but we are doing a polar plunge. It will be my first and I am excited. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.