Did you hear that?

I champion my boys. I have steadfast faith in them. I tell them over and over in different ways that they can do anything that they put their minds to. I tell them that all they have to do is WANT to make something happen enough to try. I tell them that they cannot be afraid to fail and the only true failure is when you don't step up and give something your best effort. I tell them that most strength comes from within, that power and might are helpful, but it's what's in your heart that really makes or breaks your success. When they compete in any sport, I tell them to give it everything they've got. If you give everything, you have nothing to lose...

I ran a ten mile race last weekend. I was confident and determined to meet a certain pace. At about mile 7.5, I started getting tired and started to renegotiate with myself. I started telling myself why it would be ok if I didn't meet my goal. I started giving myself half-assed praise for running strong thus far, and searching my mind for other reasons to feel good even if I didn't meet my goal.

Then (for the first time ever, I think) I heard it. That voice that was negotiating and resigning and implying that it was ok NOT to give my best effort said:

Yes, you can. You will do it. Of course you can do it. Do not believe otherwise. You can.

Is it kind of pathetic that I say these words to my sons ALL the time, yet never claimed them for myself until that moment? Is it deplorable that I never empowered myself and believed in myself and boosted my confidence the way I regularly do so for my children? Yeah, kinda. But the real point is, I believe it. I can do anything. I am just as capable as anyone else. Just as capable as my sons. Why didn't I feel this before? How could I drill this into their heads when I never truly embraced it for myself?

I picked up my pace. I passed several runners. (Yes, you can.) It was really hard and it hurt a little. But I wanted to meet my goal more than I wanted to slow down and wallow over the strain. (You can do anything.) The last 2 miles seemed like forever. (Do not give up.) One foot then the other then the other. (Of course you can.)

And I did.

Do you hear it too?

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